A glimpse to the future

Hello everybody !!

This is the first post of my blog ” A constant improving era”. My aim is to talk about different issues of today´s problems and their possible solutions. I will write about, tecnology, developing countries, resources, financial crisis, science and so on.

There are lots of topics to write about and I would like to share all the information I discover surfing the web.

I begin with this amazing TED video “Abundance is our future”  of Peter Diamandis, Founder of X-Price Foundation and Singularity University, explaining the vast amount of possibilities that the future will bring.

But others suchs as Paul Gilding, ex-Ceo of GreenPeace, consider that technology wouldn´t penetrate the markets as quickly as Peter thinks. Here is an incredible 5 minutes debate between Paul and Peter.

Anyway, time will say who of them is right or wrong. But meanwhile new disruptive technologies are appearing such 3D printing, flexible screens, shock wave engines and so on. And it is only the beginning as Michiu Kaku would say. The rise of social media, internet companies growing as  fast as rabbits, the app economy, the smart apps, big data, open governance, renewable energies etc…

Because of this the European Union create the ESPAS Report `Global Trends 2030`  a clear glimpse to what future would be like. The report analices the potencial threats for humanity, the curve of the technological gap, change of citizens behaviours from a wide perspective and how cities will hold more power and development countries keep fueling their economies meanwhile the scarcity of water and energy can easily become a reality. But there is a generation of young people who desires a better world and think globally, a new kind of citizens is arising and they will build the future of humanity.

In the future this citizens will live in smart cities where sensors are everywhere and algorithyms play a huge role. This comic ilustrate it very clear. And this infografic shows the development of different technologies for the next 3 centuries and how important it is for a country to have people working on this areas.

That is why is a pity that in Spain its exports of high tecnology only represents a 6% of the total, its model have to change radically and it has all the potencial to do it. Meanwhile our innovation secretary writes in Nature that we have to many investigators when reality shows that the number of them per million of habitants is less than countries like Germany (3540) and France (3490). Spain (2930). It is clear that our politicians aren´t as objective as they should… But until e-governance or open democracy appears there is little we can do, or maybe not?

An era of constant improving has already began.


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