What can I do for the future of education?

In some of these hot summer nights when you can´t sleep comes to my mind one question, how could we spot the future education? What steps and efforts can I do now in order to reshape the whole education system?

In these strange nights, when I thing I am an hypochondriac,  I go to sleep with a solution and a plan which gather all the research I´ve been doing through the last year and a half. I deeply belief that the competitiveness of a country, the wealth being of its society and the happiness of its citizens has the same root: education.  And as Ken Wilbert says the actual education system is obsolete and has to be totally rethought. I would like to contribute to that change and this is my plan:

1.- Creating a crowdsourcing platform where educators , designers and citizens in general could create educational videos. This would be the first step, why? Because in today´s world it has no sense to expend so many hours in lectures when a video can do the same task, and even better than teachers. This has been prove by Khan Academy and is been replicated by Showme. And this is idea is simple is to replicate Showme in Spain. This way the whole classroom experience could change form lectures to creative exercises and team work.

2.-Creating a personalized education platform.  Every student is different and also it is their learning methods and their intellectual capacities. That is why a personalized education platform is so important because it will allow each student to be engage with the subject and master all of them. Many of these platforms have appear in the USA during the last years and the best of all is Knewton. Knewton collects data from all the students in the platform and learns about each of them in order to provide specific content which will allow them to booster their learning. Moreover Knewton creates reports to teachers and parents so they can know very easily how their students and kids are going and how they can help them.

This are the first two steps needed to change the Spanish education system in order to be one of the best in the world. We have the technology and the duty to have 100% of students  finishing 4º of ESO. And the actual rate of failure must be drastically reduce in the next 10 years.

[next entry will continue with more steps to boost the change]


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